Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up Squat-Style

Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up Squat-Style

Skill Level: Intermediate

Main Muscle Groups Worked

Exercise Steps



  1. Take a kettlebell in your left hand and lie on the floor on your back (supine).
  1. Press the kettlebell straight up by extending your elbow.
  1. Bend your left knee.
  1. Pivot to your right side, keeping the kettlebell locked out, and use your right arm to prop yourself up into a seated position.
  1. Push further up with your right arm to enable your legs to draw back into a squat position.
  1. Look up at the locked-out kettlebell and slowly stand up.
  1. Reverse the motion back to the starting supine position and repeat for 6-8 repetitions for each side.

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