Kettlebell Overhead Reverse Lunge

    Kettlebell Overhead Reverse Lunge

    Skill Level: Advanced

    Main Muscle Groups Worked


    Exercise Steps


    1. Place a kettlebell between your feet.
    1. Bend your knees and extend your buttocks back to get into the correct starting position. Looking straight ahead, swing the kettlebell back between your legs.
    1. Immediately driving through with your hips and knees, bring the kettlebell up to your shoulder with wrist facing forward, perform a slight squat.
    1. Push up and then press the kettlebell overhead.
    1. With the kettlebell locked out directly above you, perform a reverse lunge by extending the leg opposite the arm holding the kettlebell overhead behind you, while flexing your knee and lowering your body through your hips. Lower your back knee until it nearly touches the ground.
    1. Flex through your hips again to raise your torso back up to a standing position.
    1. Repeat with alternating legs and arms for 12-15 repetitions per side.



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