Double Kettlebell Windmill

    Double Kettlebell Windmill

    Skill Level: Advanced

    Main Muscle Groups Worked


    Exercise Steps

    1. Place two kettlebells in front of your feet.
    1. Take both kettlebells and bring them up to your waist by extending through your waist and hips as you pull them up.
    1. Clean one of the kettlebells to your shoulder, rotating your wrist so that your palm faces forward at the end of the clean motion.
    1. Press the kettlebell upwards and keep it locked out (full elbow extension).
    1. Turn your feet out at a 45˚ angle and stick your buttocks out sideways in the same direction as the locked-out kettlebell l(e.g. to the left if you have the locked-out kettlebell in your left hand).
    2. Slowly bend from the hips in the other direction until the kettlebell in your other hand touches the floor again. Keep your eyes on the locked-out kettlebell overhead at all times.
    1. Repeat on each side for 8 -10- repetitions.

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