Kettlebell Alternating Snatches

Kettlebell Alternating Snatches

Skill Level: Advanced

Main Muscle Groups Worked

Exercise Steps


  1. Pick up a kettlebell in each hand and stand with them resting on your thighs, legs shoulder-width apart.
  1. Create momentum for the movement by lowering your torso, maintaining spine neutral position, and flexing your hips and knees so that the two kettlebells swing underneath you between your legs.
  1. Using a powerful forward thrust of your hips, reverse the direction of the swing to bring one kettlebell to your shoulder, wrist facing out.
  1. Lower the kettlebell to swing down between your legs again and reverse direction with the hip thrust, but this time raise the other kettlebell to your shoulder with wrist facing out.
  1. Continue alternating movements for 12-15 repetitions per side.
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