Kettlebell Workout Program – Advanced Level

The Workout

Objective: To enhance total body muscular strength and endurance, focussing on further strengthening the core, as well as increasing cardiovascular capacity.

Total time taken (estimated, excluding rest time): 40 mins

Number of circuits to be performed in one workout: 3

Exercise Number of Repetitions Important notes
Kettlebell windmill 6-8 repetitions for each side A challenging exercise, for which some may need to use lighter kettlebells than for those exercises which utilize swing. When kettlebells is directly raised overhead, keep your gaze fixed on the weight in order to keep your shoulders aligned.
Kettlebell Deadlift Aim for 12-15 repetitions, maintaining proper form throughout. Engage your core, tighten your glutes, and keep your arms extended as you raise your body by pushing up through your feet. Don’t pull the kettlebells up with your arms, just let it come along with you, until you come to a standing position.
Kettlebell Clean 10-15 repetitions Grip position is important: At the start, bend your knees to reach down and grip the handle of the kettlebell with your right hand, your thumb pointing behind you. In rack position, the kettlebells should be resting on the forearm, which is tucked close to the body, the fist at your chest.
One-Arm Kettlebell Split Jerk 4-5 each side initially, build to 8-10 with experience and fitness level Crucial movements such as the clean and overhead press are stages in this complex exercise and need to be mastered first.
Kettlebell Pistol Squat 4-5 for each leg initially, build to 8-10 with experience and fitness level Drive up through your heels when going up.


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