Kettlebell Workout Program Intermediate Level

Kettlebell Workout Program Intermediate Level : this consists of the folllowing exercise routine


Number of Repetitions/

Amount of Time

Important notes

One-Handed Kettlebell Swing

12-15 repetitions per arm

Your hips and glutes, rather than your arm, should be driving the kettlebell forward, so make sure these are engaged all the time

Kettlebell Figure-Eight

2-3 min

This exercise develops coordination as well as working arms, back and abdominals

Kettlebell High Pull

2-3 min

Keeping your core engaged is crucial

One-Arm Kettlebell Floor Press

8-10 repetitions per side

Remember to turn your wrists towards your feet as you press the kettlebell up

One-Arm Kettlebell Row

8-10 repetitions per side

Maintain spine neutral position at all times

Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up (Lunge-Style)

6-8 repetitions per side

A complex exercise featuring multiple movements, probably the most crucial of which is sliding your leg up from in front of you to have it supporting a lunge position behind you.


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